Our Training Programs


Large Breed Obedience

We offer a 6 week Obedience course here at our facility. During your dog's stay here, we will teach, condition and refine four foundation commands. SIT, HERE, HEAL and DOWN.  We do not teach the "Stay" command.  Sit is all encompassing so Stay is a redundant command. Your pup will also learn the very important "NO" and "Quiet" commands. 

Throughout the program, your dog will learn how to kennel on command, and we teach them not to jump up on people. Our dogs learn how to play and socialize with anything a family dog may encounter in it's lifetime (i.e. kids, lawn mowers and other small engines, neighbors and any other item or situation that they may find stressful). 

For this program, the owner will need to provide a current copy of the pup's medical record (to include kennel cough) and enough food to last 6 weeks.


Gentleman Gun Dog

This program is more of a commitment, and will last 4-6 months. During this program, we produce exactly what the title implies... A Gentleman or Lady Gun Dog. 

This is a dog that is a pleasure to hunt with in a boat, blind or flooded timber. During your pup's stay, we focus on 2 very important aspects of a gun dog: their retrieving abilities and obedience. 

Your pup will learn to retrieve singles on both land and water up to 70 yards. Obedience is built into the gundog program so your pup WILL NOT have to go through the obedience course before starting the gundog program.  Your pup will also be exposed to boats, blinds, stands, trucks, 4 wheelers, decoys, duck calls, gunfire and anything else that they may encounter or discover while duck hunting across the country. When your pup graduates this program, they will be steady to shot, go when sent, retrieve fallen birds and deliver the bird to your hand. All you will have to do is add water and kill the birds!

For this program, the owner will need to provide a current copy of the pup's medical record (to include kennel cough) and enough medication (flea/tick and heart worm) to last 6 months.


Competition Gun Dog

A Competition Gun Dog is an Extreme Gentleman Gun Dog. An additional 6-8 months is required after the Gun Dog Program to produce one of these truly awesome animals. Not every dog is capable of this level of work, and we will be honest in our assessments to ensure that we will not be wasting any of your time or money!

After the Gentleman Gun Dog Program, your pup will be taught to mark and retrieve multiple downed birds as well as learn to run what is known as a blind. A blind is a bird that your dog did not see go down. The dog will leave your side on command and will respond to whistle, voice and hand signals in order to retrieve the bird.  A blind is the ultimate form of teamwork between you and your dog.

In addition to this, the dog will be "de-cheated" in water to ensure a straight line to the bird in water without trying to run around the bank and possibly get lost and not be able to find the bird . These dogs will be able to run an AKC Senior Level hunt test all the way up to Master and be successful. This level requires dedication and patience not only for the trainer, but for the owners as well. If competition is your cup of tea, prepare to get hooked! There is nothing more exciting than picking up those ribbons and adding titles to your pup's pedigree!

Preparing your pup for anything is our priority!

Work hard and Play harder


Once obedience is established, we will help you by concentrating on any behaviors or anxieties that you are uncomfortable with. Then we teach YOU how to reinforce their training, activities and schedule at home. 

Get out and show off your skills


Occasionally, when they are ready, we take our client Gun Dogs on hunts so that they are exposed to many different hunting scenarios that just cant be trained for. 

Cherish the moments


We give your pup all the tools they need to be a successful hunting partner, but we do not claim to help improve your aim or "mad skills". Our dogs love their job, but if you miss, they will not be impressed and will let you know it!