About Us

We are a Veteran owned and operated Kennel and Training Facility.

As a young Sergeant, I was "voluntold" by my Master Gunz to head up a group of young Marines to throw birds at a Retriever Field Trial for a Marine Corps Ball Fundraiser. That day, my mind was blown the first time that I witnessed a dog turn and sit on a whistle command at 300 yards. From that day on, I was hooked, I just had to learn how to teach a dog to do that! Shortly after, I bought a little black female lab (Codie) and it has been down hill ever since. 

While I was stationed at the Little Rock AFB in Arkansas I apprenticed under a well known pro for a full year before deciding to go pro myself. I started training Obedience and Gun Dogs part time until I separated from the Marine Corps to focus on the business full time. My wife (also a former Marine) and I settled in Maysville NC with our two young boys, and set up our first Training Facility so that I could make my dream job a reality. 

With each year and the support of my family and friends, we expanded the number of kennels that we operated out of and were asked to conduct demonstrations at the local Decoy Festival and other community events. 

In 2017, we moved to Arkansas to be closer to our families and built a new Kennel. We travel all over the county to attend UKC and AKC Hunt Tests. Without Codie Jo and the unconditional support of my family, none of this would have been possible. My mission is to help each person that brings a dog to Double Barrel Retrievers experience the joy that I have with my own dogs. We look forward to working with you and your Pets!

Jonathan Hass

Meet Our Crew


Jon Hass

I am the Owner and Operator for the DBR Crew. I have been around Gundogs my entire life and have hunted with them since I was old enough to shoot a BB gun. I was taught young to appreciate our hunting companions and their individual abilities and talents. I purchased my first Lab while deployed to Iraq in 2008 and learned how to train and create such a wonderful gun dog by a local trainer and competition judge in Cabot Ar. I have hunted all over the country and played the hunt test games at the highest levels with many dogs, thanks to these amazing animals. I can't wait to have the opportunity to help you have that experience with your pup as well!




Clayton is our oldest son. He officially became our lead bird technician during the summer of 2015. He is also a fantastic Junior Handler and is now the proud owner of my first lab (Codie) for these competitions. He has run her in several Club Trials in Junior, Senior and Master levels. He enjoys being able to work for Dad, but truly loves running the dogs. His favorite thing to do is play with the young puppies, building their desire to retrieve and teaching them to swim and love the water. I love being able to watch my young man grow each summer as he helps me and be able to pass something down to the next generation. 




Aiden is our youngest and is new to the DBR crew as of 2017. He is learning the ropes from both Dad and big brother, but has become a valuable asset in our time management and efficiency when we are "All Hands on Deck!" Aiden is our official Obedience Distraction and Socialization Trainer. His exuberant level of excitement provides the perfect distractions while we are working on socialization techniques with the dogs. He is also the perfect pup love provider and gives plenty of love and hugs to our puppy head start program. His goal is to finally be old enough to own his own lab and train it from start to finish as he grows. 

When you LOVE your job...


You don't mind getting a little dirty!


You soar to new heights!


You learn how to let loose and be yourself!